Review quiz option is not including all quiz questions

Aug 23, 2012

I have a five question quiz that I would like users to be able to review.  The results slide calculates the score correctly from all 5 questions.  The retry quiz button appropriately allows users to retry all 5 questions.  But the review quiz button only includes questions 2-4 and excludes question 1 for some reason.  Any ideas how to fix this?

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Wow - thanks for the quick offer!  This support community is AMAZING.  However, since posting my problem, I've deleted and rebuilt the results slide and rearranged the quiz questions so that the one that was being excluded was question #2 instead of question #1, and that seemed to fix whatever the problem was.  I rebuilt an identical results slide, so I'm not sure why I was having the problem originally, but it's working now and that's what is most important.  If it happens again, I'll be in touch.  Thanks!


I might have been working with a Storyline file saved in Dropbox rather than on my laptop.  Maybe that was the problem!  Another question I just thought of - when I open Storyline, it is asking me if I want to continue my trial version even though I have already purchased and installed the software at the end of May.  It didn't start doing this until a few days ago.  I have not yet installed the Storyline software update either (do I need to do that if I don't have a pressing need for any of the new features it offers)?  Thanks again!

Peter Anderson

Hi A H, 

I'd recommend installing Update 1 when you get a chance. Lots of fixes and updates that you'll appreciate. And yeah, part of the update's installer will uninstall and deactivate your software, so when it reinstalls and after you click activate, it should autofill your serial number. If you have any problems with getting it activated again, be sure to let our support team know. Thanks!

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