review quiz - strange feedback???

Hi All,

I am building a quiz and require users to go back to explore their incorrect answers. When the user hits the "review" button at the end of the quiz, they are typically presented with each quiz slide. However, I seem to have some feedback text appearing at the bottom (please see attached image). Some of the text appears to be going off the bottom of the screen. It looks like it is providing the correct answer when the user answers incorrectly but I don't know where to edit this text? Does anyone know wherew this text is generated from?


Thanks in advance

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C_ Cudworth

Aha! After searching this forum I found my answer. By default, the review layer displays correct answers just below wherever the text input box is. I had to uncheck "show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" - which can be accessed via the trigger on the review button placed on the results slide.

Thanks for responding Sam but I got there in the end.

Jay Chiasson

This shows how to hide that text. What if I want to display it though. I used the recorder to create the quiz. Reviewing the quiz automatically will display what the correct answer should have been (when it is a fill-in-the-blank). I want to change the position and font size but cannot find where that is done. See attachment.