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Jun 18, 2019

Hi all,

I am having an issue with the review slide for this course (actually we have constant issues with the review slides...).

Because this course has a time restraint (ie moves ahead to the next slide when the time runs out), when I try to review it, the review slide also moves on, instead of allowing time for the user to see the correct answer. Changing the revisit properties does not help, nor does creating a whole new review layer (as I have done for the first slide).

Any ideas?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Janita,

Create a True/False variable called Review (for example) and set it to False. You then add a condition to each of your "Jump to next slide when timeline ends" triggers where Review = False. This enables the slides to still jump to the next one when the timeline ends.

When you click on the Review button on the last slide, you have another trigger that adjusts the Review variable to True. Now, when you return to the earlier slides, they will no longer jump to the next one when the timeline ends as Review will no longer be False.

Note that it is important that the trigger that adjusts the variable to True is placed above the one that Reviews the Results:


I have also noted that you appear to have additional triggers in a number of your slides that are not necessary. You should only need one copy of the "Jump to next slide when timeline ends" trigger and the "Submit interaction ... when user clicks submit button" as in the image below:

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