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Nov 05, 2020

Hi all,


I am wondering if there is any setting about showing the correct answer immediately right after submitting one question of the question bank? (while not after submit the results of the whole question bank)

Remark: There are huge amounts of questions and most of their answers are in shuffle settings, so it is not able to use the question feedback setting this time.

Thanks and hope there will be a good solution!



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Sandra,

I assume you want to show checkmarks by the correct answers, like the program can do during a quiz Review. Unfortunately, Storyline doesn't have the option to do that as feedback per question. (It won't help you now, but you could submit a feature request:

Is shuffling the responses really required? If the questions are drawn randomly and there are a lot of them, it wouldn't be that easy for users to remember that they should select the third response for a given question. 

If the responses are always presented in the same order, that makes it easier to provide immediate feedback (e.g., The 3rd response is correct). 

Otherwise, if you want shuffled responses and immediate feedback, you'll have to write the feedback on the Correct and Incorrect layers in a way that repeats the correct answer(s) without referring to the response order. (Personally, I like this anyway as a way to reinforce the content.)

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