Reviewing a quiz

Oct 08, 2013


When I review a quiz after completion and 100% score it still shows "incorrect" on some of the questions. 

Any suggestions very welcome.



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Chris,

Ashley's correct that sharing the story makes it easier to diagnose. But I ran into this same issue recently. So, in case what worked for me works for you, I'm posting. The question that was reviewing incorrectly for me had the base layer "When revisiting" properties set to "Reset to initial state"....the others had "automatically decide." When I changed the "bad" question to match the others (so, automatically decide), I was good to go.

Slide properties can be accessed by clicking the little gear icon in layers panel near the bottom right of the window.

Also, I know I've seen posted in these threads that some users don't like to leave the "when revisiting" option to "automatically decide." They say it's best to select either Reset to initial state or Resume saved state. Just another piece of info!

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