Reviewing quiz questions - Resetting the score count??

Apr 23, 2015

HI there I have been following instructions from a video made by Jeanette Brooks where thee user works through x amount of questions and then has an opportunity to redo the questions they got incorrect at the end of the module.

I have so far set it up this way BUT when I am going back through the incorrect questions it resets the result score. So when the user is only having to redo 2 questions, the results slide resets to 2 points.

I have uploaded my file if anybody has any ideas.

(please ignore the design – just concentrating on the mechanics at this stage)




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Akash Jambhorkar

Hi Nikki,

 Which functionality you want exactly in your project?

And you just copy & paste triggers but you need to change trigger execute timing.

Just have a look below snap:

Every trigger execute like

0.05 ,0.10 , 0.15 second and so on


 Every end of scenario has some question so you can manage different- different result slide for each scenario.


If you have to manage them in one single result screen so you need programming effort.


You can manage all questions in one scenario so It will be easy for you to manage result for all questions and give them three attempts.


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