Reviewing quizzes via results slide - only 1 quiz is reviewed

Jan 15, 2014

Hi all,

I have a project where there is a quiz 1, then a few slides later there is a quiz 2. I have one graded results slide that includes both quizzes. The quizzes draw from their respective question banks.

When learners get to the results slide and click to review or retry the quiz, it reviews the first quiz then takes the user through the non-quiz slides to the 2nd quiz. I'd like to configure it to where when reviewing / retrying it takes them through both quizzes without the intervening slides. Is this possible?


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Ed Crane

Ashley - Thanks. Becky's solution is nice, however the example is a quiz slide to which triggers can be added.  I'm using question banks, and all you can do to a question banks slide is modify the "next" button with conditions, but you cannot add triggers to it.

I ended up having 2 quizzes, each with a result slide, and then a "master" results slide at the end. With one result slide, things started getting a little nutty e.g. the person passing the quiz with 125% correct...I know there's a solution for that, but got to get this out. See what the stakeholders say...

Edit: So the idea was the of the 2 quizzes, the learner would have to get a total of 80% correct to receive credit for the course. I tried this with one results slide, and could not get it to work. I ended up changing the criteria to where they would need to get 80% correct on each of the 2 quizzes, each quiz with one result slide.  

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