Revised goodbye.html file causing Storyline 360 to crash

May 20, 2021

I've been working with my LMS (Axis LMS) to create a modified goodbye.html file for Storyline 360.  Axis LMS tech support says that the modified file is working for them, but when I replace Storyline's original goodbye.html file with the modified file and try to publish a project, Storyline crashes.  If I put the original goodbye.html file back in place, Storyline publishes just fine.  Any thoughts on what's going on here?

The code in the modified goodbye.html file is:

<body bgcolor="#ffffff">
<br><br><br><br><font face="Open Sans, articulate, tahoma, arial" size="3" color: "#333333">
Submitting, please wait ...
setTimeout( function() {
try { parent.confirm_close = false; parent.confirmLOClose();} catch(e) { try { parent.parent.confirm_close = false; parent.parent.confirmLOClose(); } catch(e) { try { parent.parent.parent.confirm_close = false; parent.parent.parent.confirmLOClose(); } catch(e) { try { parent.parent.parent.parent.confirm_close = false; parent.parent.parent.parent.confirmLOClose(); } catch(e) { try {;; } catch(e) {}}}}}
}, 500 );

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