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Jul 13, 2015

Hello eLearning Heroes,

I have a problem with returning to a slide and the saved state.  My launch slide list the objectives.  Here is where the issue lies......the launch slide(base layer) has an additional layer with a video embedded.  A trigger starts the layer and video. When the video stops playing the base layer appears. The first objective "on click event" goes to another slide which has many layers.  Upon the "visited" state of all layers, a trigger sends the user back to the launch slide in hopes of clicking the next objective.  However, the video plays again.  I set the layer properties of the base layer and video layer to Resume Saved state.  I also set seeking of the video layer to No.  What am I missing?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kay

Hard to say without seeing your current setup and triggers but you  could set up a number variable called 'launch visits' default to 0.  Set a trigger on your launch slide 'Adjust variable 'launch visits' add 1 when timeline starts on 'launch slide'.  That should be the first trigger in the panel...then create another trigger 'stop media - video file name when timeline starts if variable 'launch slide is greater than 1.

Andrew Sellon

Hi!  I'm not 100% clear on your setup without seeing the file.  If I understand you correctly, your first slide has a list of objectives.  And that objectives slide has one sub-layer, on which you've embedded a video.  Your description makes it sound like you have it set up to show the sub-layer with the video first, then it hides to show the base layer with clickable objectives.  If that is accurate, I would suggest you just put the video on a first slide all by itself.  Then it can lead to a second slide with your objectives, etc.  I'm not sure why you would put the video on a sub-layer if it's the first thing they need to see.  It should be possible to do what you want to do, but seems like it introduces more possibility for issues.  I always try to keep back-end navigation as simple as possible, and to limit triggering to essential ones only.  If I've misunderstood, perhaps you could clarify your details and someone else can chime in.  Hope this helps!

Kay Fraone


You are 100% correct In your assessment of my layout. I think I laid out
the base layer that way thinking the video would be on the LMS platform as a
separate module. Then we decided it should be launched from within the
Welcome slide. I just over complicated it. Your suggestion is the most

Best regards,


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