How to "resume saved state" of the base layer.

Jul 23, 2013

I have a slide with on the base layer, a screen simulation and audio.  I also have a button on the base layer with a trigger to layer one.  When viewing layer one, there is a "close" button that closes the layer.  Back on the base layer, I would like the slide to continue playing the screensim/ audio where it left off when the layer one button originally was clicked.

I have set the slide property to : Resume Saved State (thinking that this would accomplish that).  But now when I go to another slide and return to this one, ideally I would like to replay this slide, not resume the saved state.

So how can I have "resume saved state"  of the base layer within a slide with layers to occur??

Please advise.

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Marriane,

You're almost there. "Resume Saved State" refers to the overall slide itself upon return. Meaning, if you leave the slide and return it will remain where you left off. 

Within the slide on a layer, there's one more setting to keep the base slide layer to remain. In the Layer Properties (gear icon on the layer), under the Base Layer settings check the box for: "Pause timeline of base layer."

Now, when you *leave* the base layer to Layer One, the base layer's timeline will pause. Once you close Layer One, the base layer will resume.

That should do it.

Marianne Goossens

Hello Kevin,

Yes, we've tried those settings.  But there is a bug!  The base layer's timeline does pause.  But then the audio does not resume.  I.e the audio does not play.  We are 3 instructional designers here at USF, who have all experienced the same problem.  Can you look into this?  And this happens intermittently, so it does take some retakes to replicate the problem.

Dianne Gibson

I have a trigger for it to pause on the timeline and begin again based on user action (button). It's not on the replay button but when I come back to the slide using the previous button.
It is only the audio that is playing - no timeline movement (objects are all appearing as last saved state). I ended up creating a variable for the audio - that triggers from false to true (once it's been heard) and used a trigger to pause audio when true. This worked so the audio wouldn't play - but it's an ugly fix. Question: when you use that resume saved state - that's for everything on the timeline right? Including audio? I've never experienced this before in storyline 1. When I used resume to saved state - objects and audio (entire timeline) just stayed at the end because that's the saved state.
Any way- thanks for your help.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dianne,

Yes, resume saved state should bring you back to where you left off in the timeline (either the end or somewhere else) so it seems odd that the audio is playing again. I'm glad to hear you were able to fix it - but if you'd like us to take a look at it you can share a sample .story file here with us and we'll take a look. 

Also, just an fyi when replying via email your signature is included here in the post so you're welcome to tedit the post to remove that information if you wish. 

Dianne Gibson

I see that you placed pause timeline on this slide trigger for when object appears. This works, but now when I click the Done button - the "resume timeline starts" but the audio doesn't start.  Interesting. Again, I got it to work with variables - it's published!  Are the audio"media" not controlled by timeline conditions? It's appearing that it is a separate and not part of the timeline.  Thanks for investigating this.

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