Revisiting a Slide

Oct 20, 2021


I have a main slide with audio and 5 (books) videos that are accessed from the base layer. The learner clicks a book and a video on a slide layer plays. The next button is hidden until all "books" are in the visited state. I see the next button appear on the 5th video, but when it returns the learner to the base layer, the next button disappears. The learner returns to the base layer after each video is completed to pick the next book, but I don't want the audio to replay each time they visit the base layer. I currently have the slide properties for this slide as "Resume Saved state" which I want so that the audio doesn't play each time. I think this is why the Next button isn't on the base layer. How do I get the next button to appear on the base layer, but not have the audio replay each time the learner returns to choose another book? Sorry if this is confusing. Thanks in advance. 

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Sarah Vaughan

I will!

Can you pass along this to his supervisor and the rest of the company? Your support staff is out of this world helpful. I never feel like I've asked a stupid question and always treated with respect. Your team always is polite and so speedy with replies, even when I've asked a follow-up question, I'm always treated well. Thank you for being such a great company to work with.