Revisiting revist issues with menus, what about enduring captions?

Apr 15, 2014

Hello All,

Thought I'd post one more question for the night . . . when mousing over and selecting a menu item, going to that slide and then returning to the menu, I notice the caption that I last moused over is still active on screen.  How do I turn them off when leaving the menu or just prior to returning?  (The "reset" option does not do the trick by the way.)



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Val Jon Farris

Hi Jackie and Reshad,

I thought the "reset to initial state" would work to stop audio from restarting when selecting layers while it's playing, but the problem is when I use that command the "return" button on the player does not move past the base layer to the previous slide, it get's stuck there like Sisyphus.   I wanted to try the other option, "Change state of Menu to Normal when timeline starts" bit I was unable to find it anywhere.  Can you clarify where I engage that command?  It's not a trigger as there is no option for "menu".  Any help?


rehan arshad

HI Val,

For the Return Button on player you can add a trigger "Jump to previous slide when user click the return/previous button" the return buttons moves you to the previous slide, it doesn't return you to the base layer unless trigger for this button is applied on the base layer.

You can use jump to slide"To the same slide as that is having an audio". you have to apply this trigger on layer that will move you back to the "Base layer" and this base layer would start from its initial state.

If you want the Audio to stop on the base layer when you select the layer, then Choose the options shown below. if you are still confused, let me know or show me .story file.

You can also stop the audio by using trigger"Pause media or Stop media" whenever you want.

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