Hover State not going away

Apr 01, 2020

Very simple interaction - Menu with 6 buttons, each leading to a different slide. Each has a hover state, which works well, but when returning to the menu to select a different button, the hover state appears to be "stuck". The only way to remove the hover state and have it change to "Visited" is to roll/hover the mouse over the button again. Any advice?

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Walt Hamilton

You can use a custom state instead of Visited. Then create a trigger to set the button to the custom state when button is clicked. That changes Hover to Custom visited. Then AFTER the trigger to change state, place the trigger to jump to...

The reason you want to change to a custom state instead of changing to Visited is that the change to Visited is built-in, and if you create triggers to duplicate the built-in triggers, you open yourself to some nasty surprising conflicts.