Revisiting Slide Layers

I have a slide with 5 buttons. Each leads to a different layer. They are able to return to the main menu where the 5 buttons live. Every thing works great on initial button click/slide layer visit. However, after I have clicked all 5 buttons and visited all 5 layers, if I try and click on any of them again, the layer cuts time off the timeline from both the beginning and end. I have it set to where each layer resets to initial state upon revisit, but don't see why this would cut any time off the timeline. Help!

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Walt Hamilton

I set it to start with the Return layer instead of the menu layer. It worked fine the first time, and started the audio in the middle the second time. Well, its not actually starting the audio in the middle. I think it is jumping to the new layer and starting the timeline, but the audio is already in process by the time the former layer ends and gets to the new layer. Regardless, if you are getting two different results from the same triggers (which is the conclusion I draw from my test), there is probably nothing you can change.

So I added these two triggers:


and now it works. I did need to extend the timeline of the layer a bit, to keep everything from leaving before I could click on return to menu.

Walt Hamilton

You added these triggers to the Return layer correct? Did you delete the Menu layer all together? I still need the audio to play when the slide begins.

Sorry for all the extraneous stuff. All the fooling around I did with the Menu and Return layer was just to try to isolate where the problem is. I bypassed the Menu to see if the problem is due to differences between Menu and Return. Using only the Return slide, I still had the same problem, which tells me it wasn't something you did.

So I put it all back together, and ignored both Menu and Return.

Those two triggers need to go on each of the target layers. They delay the start of the audio until the entrance animation completes, which essentially means that the audio doesn't start until the layer is completely visible.

I only applied triggers to the NPH layer on the sample. I found that the objects started their exit animations before the timeline paused, so I had to extend the timeline a second and a half, or so.