Rewarding users with points for clicking on objects - Custom Scoring

I'm creating a module that has an exploratory interaction. However, I want to incentivize users to click on some extra learning opportunities along the way. My idea was to award 100 points to their "Level 1 Interaction" score for each learning opportunity they click on.

I first tried to achieve this by creating a Level1Score variable. Then I created a trigger of "Add 100.00 to Level1Score when the state of 'LearningOpportunity' is visited. This works! doesn't stop the user from clicking on the object repeatedly and racking up points. Is there a way to only add to the score once without disabling the object after the first click?

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Linda Lorenzetti

Instead of adding 100 to the variable when the state is visited, what if you make Level1Score a true/false variable and have it add 100 when the timeline of the layer or slide that the button leads them to begins.  Have a trigger on the destination slide or layer to change the variable value to True once they visit.  That way it won't matter how many times they click the button, it will only count it once.

Becky Mueller

Yes, that worked! Thank goodness!

Here's an example of what I did:

1) Created the Score variable (ex: Level1Score) and set the initial value to 0.

2) Created a variable for the Learning Opportunity (ex: Level1AboutMe) and set the initial value to False

3) Created a trigger to adjust the variable (ex: Set "Level1AboutMe" equal to True when user clicks "About Me Button")

4) Created a trigger to adjust the score when the Learning Opportunity variable changes (ex: "Adjust Level1Score. Add 100.00 to Level1Score when Level1AboutMe variable changes", and then set a condition of "IF Level1AboutMe is equal to True.")

Now the score is only added once when the user clicks on a Learning Opportunity.

Thanks for the feedback, Linda!

Becky Mueller

I have a follow-up question to this thread, and I hope someone can help!

I have a number variable called "FinalScore" that totals all of the points the user earned through the levels in my module. I would like to track this amount through our LMS, but I can't find a way to pull that into a results slide since it's not Quiz points or anything. I found this tutorial that I thought would help:

...however, when I select the TextEntry as the variable, I can't seem to find my FinalScore variable in the Value dropdown. Did I miss something? Should I be doing something else?

Becky Mueller

Thanks Ashley! I ended up creating a survey "How Many" question and created a trigger that set the numeric value to the FinalScore variable. However, now I can't seem to get it to show up in my reporting! I don't know if my triggers are incorrect, or if I'm not pulling the right report. Here's a breakdown of what I did:

Setup - How Many survey question: Because FinalScore is a numeric value, I set up a "How Many" survey question. The first trigger is "Set NumericEntry equal to the value of FinalScore when timeline starts." The next trigger is "Submit interaction How Many when timeline starts." The third trigger is "Jump to next slide when timeline starts," which jumps to the Results slide.

Setup - Results slide: The first trigger on this slide is "Submit results 'Results Slide' when timeline starts." The next trigger is "Jump to next slide" when timeline starts. The next slide is the Conclusion slide, which shows the user their final score and allows them to exit the training at that point.

These 3 slides (How Many survey, Results, and Conclusion slide) are all in one scene, but the user doesn't see the first two since they jump to the next slide when the timeline starts.

The issue: I first pulled a report on Articulate Online to see how people answered the "How Many" survey question, thinking it would display the Final Score as their answer. It showed nothing and said no one had responded! I also don't know where this variable pulls into our LMS reporting, because we are still fairly new to Cornerstone and its reporting feature. Does anyone have experience with this and can tell me how to report on the variables within the LMS? I also just assumed that since it wasn't working in Articulate Online, it probably wasn't working in Cornerstone (LMS) either.

Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Becky

You mentioned the users don't see the slides since they jump to the next slide, but they're "passing" through the slides right? By that I mean there are triggers taking them to each slide and they have actually visited the slide? That's the only way the triggers will work - and you shared the trigger order here, but you'll want to double check as they'll execute as described here. 

For testing purposes, you may also want to look at placing a variable reference for the "how many" numeric value and the results slide score overall on your final conclusion slide - that'll help you determine if the results are actually being captured and passed to the LMS. 

If you're still having difficulty with this set up, you may want to post an example here so that the community and/or staff could take a look and offer any other advice.