Rewinding audio using seekbar AND audio/timeline trigger

Jul 14, 2023

Hello and thank you in advance. 
I have triggers set on each slide to either play or pause audio narration depending on whether or not the user selected to silence the course audio for accessibility purposes at the start of the course. 

I realize now that these triggers block the user from being able to rewind and fast forward the audio using the seekbar. 

Is there a way I can allow users both to rewind audio using the seekbar while keeping my accessibility triggers that play/pause audio when the timeline starts on the slide depending on whether or not they select accessibility-mode (audio on/off) for this course? I don’t want to have to choose either- I need both!! 

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Luciana Piazza

Hi Kathy,

Thanks so much for reaching out!

What you're looking to achieve sounds similar to a known bug that we have where audio does not replay when using the Rewind button if triggered to "Play media based on the Timeline" in HTML5. This bug is still under investigation by our team. 

If possible, could you please share your file with a support engineer? I'd like our team to help determine if you're also experiencing this bug or if it's something else. We'll be in touch shortly after reviewing your file!

Have a great start to your week! 🎉