Risk Assessment - Communicating from Storyline to LMS

Sep 18, 2013

I would like to use Storyline to create a risk assessment for our employees around commercial compliance.  I would like Storyline to communicate the results to our LMS and assign the appropriate training.  Is this possible?  Here are the steps I envision:

1. Create a survey in Storyline that would assess the risk

2. Select "Track Using Quiz Result" (i.e. the survey result) to communicate the results to our LMS

3. Connect the data from the quiz result to individual courses within our LMS

4. Assign the courses to the employee.

My questions:

1. This may be an over-simplification, but could something like this work? 

2. Would utilizing the Tin Can API publish method allow me to extract more data from the survey vs. AICC?

3. Is there a way to communicate the results of individual variables to an LMS, even if some customizing has to be done on the back end of the LMS?

We use the Virtual Training Assistant LMS from RISC, based out of Houston.  Would there be another LMS that could accomplish this?  I am open to any ideas or solutions you may have.  Thank you!

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