Rollovers not working

Feb 23, 2017

I have created a slide with rollovers (images), which I have used for many modules. In my latest module, the rollovers don't work (nothing happens). I tried re-creating the slide from scratch, still no luck. Here is the page I'm having trouble with.

I am working locally, latest version of Storyline 2. The only thing that's sort of new is that I'm working in VirtualBox on my Mac instead of Parallels. Although I did manage to create a module in VirtualBox (before this one), and the rollovers worked just fine.


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Eitan Teomi

I am not sure but for one thing to consider is that what you are trying to program isn't actually a "rollover". Traditionally, a rollover is an action that is a result of a "hover" or "mouse over" event. Since what you are trying to do is actually layer changes, it is attempting to use a simpler method (rollover) and lend itself to a more complex event.

Let me ask this: wouldn't it be more elegant to add an "X" button on the layers that will hide them back when the user clicks on it? This will make the programming a lot simpler because you will connect the hide layer to a separate trigger that is more controllable.


Donna Parham

AHA! Just stumbled across an understanding of the problem. I had set the rollover image on the base layer to be hidden on the rollover layer. Kind of put the whole thing into a parallel universe...

First time I have tried hiding images on the base layer by hiding them... I always used to just place a white box wherever the base layer images peeked through.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Donna!  Thanks for working through your obstacles and letting us all know what worked for you!  That makes sense to me -- what did you do differently with the base layer object that you wanted hidden?  Did you change it's state on the layer to hidden with a trigger?  Leave base layer objects hidden on the slide layer and use Eitan's suggestions successfully?

Thanks again for your contributions!

Donna Parham

It's kind of funny how this happened, actually.
I use these kind of image/trigger-rollovers to "show layers" all the time, and I often want to hide some of the objects on the base layer. So, my MO was always to lay down a white rectangle where I didn't want base-layer things to show, underneath everything else on the layer.
Well, I challenged myself to actually do some of the Articulate Storyline Tutorials, and I learned that if you don't want base-layer items to show you can just click the little eyeball (on the pop-up layer) to hide them. The problem ended up being when the image/trigger was something I needed to hide. So I just unclicked the eyeball on that particular image and laid down a white rectangle instead. Easy, and no need for all the extra programming! Hope this helps someone else!

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