Flash and Rollovers

Jul 25, 2019

We use both Captivate and Storyline (different departments use different programs). Those of us that use Capitvate are being told we have to go in and remove rollovers from old courses and not include them in courses going forward. We were told that it is because rollovers are not supported in Flash and Flash is going away. That rollovers are not HTML5 compliant.

However, I'm still using rollovers in my SL courses. 

Then someone else said it has nothing to do with Flash, that is was because rollovers can't be used on mobile.

I'd love some more clarification on the use of rollovers and how it's associated with Flash/HTML5.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jeni!

You came to the right place with this question! Anyone in the community use Captivate with rollovers?

We do have a plan when Flash fizzles out! As of now, you do have the option to publish your Storyline projects using the HTML5 with Flash fallback option. That helps with making sure your learners can access courses on a variety of devices!

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