Rotating a Character's pose

I'm new to E-Learning and still in my first couple of weeks working with Storyline 2. 

I've got a character that changes states and his second state looks a little crooked to me so I want to rotate him. However when I try to edit the state the option to rotate is grey-ed out. 

Normally a rotating handle will appear when you hover over the image box but this isn't appearing and if I go into the manual rotation option, it's not allowing me to do it there. 

I've attached a photo so you can see what I mean by "grey-ed" out.

Any help is much appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jessica,

It doesn't appear that you can rotate a character within a state if you've duplicate the original normal state to create more states. What you could do instead, is edit the state and remove the original character and add in a new version of the character with the expression and you'll then be able to rotate that version of the character. 

Hope that helps. 

Jessica Holland

Thanks, Ashley! I ended up creating a new layer for my character and rotated that character instead of the state and then showing/hiding that layer at appropriate times.

I am loving this Articulate community! You guys do great work, looking forward to more interactions in the future.

Glenda DeHoff


I followed Ashley's instructions and was able to reverse a character state.

  1. Copy the character from the state you wish to reverse.
  2. Close Edit States.
  3. Paste it onto the stage and flip it horizontally.
  4. Copy it and paste it into the state you want.
  5. Align it with the original so that the flip is logical.
  6. Delete the original.

HINT: You may need to send the new copy to the back layer to be able to select the original.

Good luck!