RSI model

Feb 18, 2013

Does anyone have a .story file they would be willing to share that incorporates the RSI model? I'm building my first course following this idea and am having some troubles just getting my slides set up. I know once I see how one is built I'll be flying through this thing. I'm just trying to build the template so I can swtich out the scenario slides quickly in the course. Getting started is the biggest hurdle for me. I love this idea and think it will work really well for the required HIPAA training I'm redesigning. I was introduced to this at DevLearn and am just now finally getting back to it. I thought I would remember everything Tom said, but I guess after 3.5 months that isn't the case. I viewed the Screenrs that show the RSI model in Engage. I'm new to the elearning world, so I have no experience in Engage. I think that's why the tutorial has me a little confused.

Thanks for any help or advice!

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