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Katie (Gokhshteyn) Riggio

Hi, Rick. 

While I don't have experience with Saba, I'd like to share our handy Troubleshooting Your LMS Courses guide. This article offers a handful of key things to consider, but I think the best advice in there is to upload the project to SCORM Cloud (a free industry-standard tool for LMS testing) and see how the scoring looks there.

Hope you get community feedback from other Saba users, and do let us know if you need a hand with testing! 😊

Rick Horton

Try this ...

Policies Tab (Articulate 360 Courses only)  Scroll down to the bottom of the panel and click Override inherited completion policy.  Click Class is marked complete automatically when all activities are marked complete OR if no more content attempts are available. Click Save.

Lisa Spirko

Hi Rick! Thank you for your prompt response. Where is the Policies tab? I haven't encountered this in Storyline yet. Or is it in Saba? (I'm not the Saba admin, so I'm not sure what the settings are in Saba; if this is something our admin needs to do in Saba, I can pass along the instructions to him.)

TIA for clarifying,