Safari Cannot Open Page

Apr 30, 2014

This came up with the latest version of Articulate Storyline. If I try out a newly published story with my iPad's Safari, the iframe opens successfully, and then it redirects to the proper "Download the Articulate App" properly, but a window pops up that says "Cannot Open Page - Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid". If I click ok, everything else works normally, and nothing breaks.

How can I ensure that this error message does not come up? Any idea what exactly it's calling? I imagine it's from the ioslaunch.html file that is the boilerplate code for instantiating the iOS redirect.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much..

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John Pieterse

Hi Ashley, I am facing the same problem. When clicking on Launch it goes alright using an Android tablet but not with an iPad (latest update). I wonder if you have a solution. Could send you the link but prefer to keep it confidential as we are just starting launching the product. . Thanks in advance for reaching out!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

What occurs when you try to access it on the iPad? Are you trying to use the mobile player or HTML5? With the mobile player there was a change that occurred in iOS9 so you'll want to review the information here.  If after going through all those steps you'd still prefer our team take a look at it confidentially you can send it along to our Support engineers here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

Thanks for sharing the link to your course. I was able to open it successfully on my iPad using iOS 9.2 and the latest AMP as well without an error message. Unfortunately if the AMP is not installed that's the error they'll receive and they'll need to download and install it from the app store.

Based on the changes with iOS9 in that article, that is the method that will need to be utilized going forward so you may want to look at ensuring that users have download the app or publishing without the AMP option and just allowing them to access the HTML5 output. 

John Pieterse

Hi Ashley,
Thank you for coming back and explanation. It seems that we will have no other way to go as to explane our customers two ways. One for the iPad and one for Android devices. The latter asks for the AMP and installs this beauty. Ipad is unfortunately a set back with their iOS updates as you need more steps before people can run our module.
I hope that Articulate will solve the problem in future (I'm sure they will :-)
Best regards and thanks for your time!

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