Safety Characters/before and after injuries

Feb 21, 2019

I notice that people are asking for photo characters in safety garb and I have been looking for some as well.  But I have been also looking for before and after pictures - safety clothing and same character but in casual clothing in wheelchairs or crutches. I have not been able to find much on any site (Articulate/eLearning Brothers/eLearning Art, etc).   Does anyone have any ideas where I can find these?  If not, I will get photos taken for me as I have a photographer who is willing to take some if I can't find them online.  She has done one set of 80 pictures for me already.

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Katie Riggio

Hey, Sandra. I hope you get some good feedback from the community! 

I remember your other post here, and I'll make sure our product team sees this discussion as well. We promise to keep both conversations updated if we add such characters to Content Library 360.

In the meantime, please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!

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