Save a translated word translator html file for import to storyline 2

Aug 08, 2018

Hi, I am using Storyline 2 and have a doc file I have translated from English to German. I selected Translate Document, and the translation appears in an HTML window. How do I save/export that translation to a doc file for import to SL2?

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Phil Mayor

The Word translate function(in review)  is likely a dodgy way to do a translation, I would also expect that this could break the word file as it will translate other parts that shouldnt be translated.

I suppose you could select only the column though.

That said I had no problems saving as a word document. I just did a file save as.


Mary O'Sullivan


It doesn't let me translate just the column, only if I select each cell and translate only that text. Did an HTML window open with the translation when you did it?

Thank you,

Mary C O'Sullivan

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