Save As Picture Results in Blurrier Image - Even If They Are No Changes

System: Windows 10

Version: Storyline 2

This has probably always been true, but it's impacting me more lately. When save an image from Storyline (right-click, Save as Picture...), and then bring it back in (Insert, Picture), the text on the image is blurrier when I bring it back in. This occurs even if I don't make any changes to the image.

Why does this occur? Is there a solution?



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Patrick Lambe

Thanks so much Crystal, I appreciate it!

So I'm not sharing company information, I put two images in a blank Storyline file. At first glance, neither image looks great. But if you look closely at the text, you can see the words like "Transaction History" and the Plan and History sentences are blurrier in the second image.

The first image was pasted in. Then I right-clicked it, saved it to my drive, and then inserted the same image into the file.

I really do appreciate your help with this.