Save picture Styles to choose from ribbon menu?

Sep 12, 2019


I have not found anything about this, maybe I just did not look right

Working with Storyline 3:

I would like to apply the same style to many / all pictures in a project, throughout many projects as a kind of corporate identity.

In the menu ribbon there are some styles available when the Format tab for an active picture is active


Thing is: I don't want those. I would like to add my style (frame, drop shadow, what have you) as a picture style to that ribbon. There is space!

Is that possible?



P. D. I know I can copy the style from one object to another, I also know how to do that with multiple objects. But having "my" style in the ribbon bar would be so much easier!

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Felix Franke

Jerry, thanks for the support.

I know this from open source software, where you can fiddle in almost any part of the software (well, literally every part if you know what you are doing), but in proprietary software this is usually not possible (fair enough).

But this particular feature could save a ton of work. If not possible I would file a feature request.

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