Save user notes/slide

Jun 02, 2014

HI there,

I have created a hidden slide for the user to take notes in. They do this by entering their text in a text entry box on the slide.

I wonder if there is a simple way for the user to save these notes? Or export them as a word document?


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Meryem M

Mandy, look at the story "Avoiding Meeting Missteps" at this blog post.    

 But the icing on the cake is the “Learning Journal” tucked away on a button in the upper left corner. It’s a place where you can write and print your own notes about each section. Genius! Cleverly constructed with a multilayer lightbox slide, it features several text entry fields to capture your thoughts in one neat and tidy place. With the way this course invites learning as well as application, DFLearning makes ,,,

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