Saved State and the Rewind/Playback button logic

May 20, 2014

     I have been pretty vocal about this issue in an old post and figured that I will make a new post to maybe get some traction from other Storyline users.  

    Can someone please tell me the logic of why when slides are marked 'Resume in the Saved State' that the playback button does not work?  Who at Articulate thought this was a good idea and how did this get the okay to get developed.  Essentially, what you have when the slides are set up like this is a broken button for the learner to become frustrated with all of the time.  

     I have read the documentation on how the playback button works and for you to tell me that that it works dependently with the state of the slide is ridiculous.  Why can't the learner go back to a slide in the saved state and pick up where they left off and also replay the slide if they missed information?  These need and should have always been independent.  The fact that you have allowed a broken button to remain on screen and continue to tell the users of your software that this is how this was meant to function is unbelievable and a slap in the face.  

     I have submitted an enhancement request and will continue to be a thorn in your side until this is fixed because this should have been done a long time ago.  I don't know when the next update will be, apparently Articulate doesn't have a road map of issues they would like to fix, but hopefully it will be soon.  If not, then the people who run this software company are clueless.  I would like other users to get on board with this and maybe this will be addressed in the near future.  Fingers crossed.  

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

I wanted to let you know I've shared this thread with our QA team for additional review, but as you mentioned this is considered to not be a bug but by design as detailed in this article.  To change that behavior, submitting a feature request is the best way to share your thoughts with our product development team, and for anyone else who comes across this thread and agrees can also submit a request here. 

Our team is regularly working on updates to all of the Articulate products, but we don't release a road map or schedule of when updates/new versions would be released. I'd suggest that following along with our Word of Mouth Blog, and following Articulate on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Brian Seaman

Hello Ashley,

     Thank you for forwarding this to your QA team.  I am actually a pretty nice guy but also expect that the instruction I provide to our partner base be the best that it can be.  I look forward to hearing something from the QA team to that this issue will be fixed or some very sound reasoning as to why it will remain the way it currently is.  Hopefully it is not the latter because I believe this is pretty cut and dry.  Thanks again.  

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