Saving a Storyline Project

Apr 28, 2022


I have a Storyline project I would like to save. What is the best way to save it? Can I save it on a USB?  I would also like to share my project with people who do not have Storyline or Articulate is there an easy way to save it so anyone could open it?

Thank you!


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Walt Hamilton

You can save it wherever you have access, but it is more likely to become corrupted unless you save it to a location that is local to your computer (Drive C, or a USB drive).

People without Storyline can't see it until you publish it. Publishing it for a CD, or the Web creates a series of regular web pages that anybody with a browser can view.

Walt Hamilton

That is the way SL saves its work file. It is the only format SL can open, so if you are going to work on it, you have to have it in that form. But it can be opened only by somebody with SL. If you want people who don't have SL to be able to see it you need to choose to publish it.  Depending on whether you publish for CD or web, they will need to double click on either the .exe file (for CD), or the .html file (for web).