Saving and retrieval of information to MySQL

Aug 31, 2019


does SL3 have a built-in facility for saving information to a MySQL database and retrieving information from a database.

Alternatively, is there a way that I can send information to a PHP file and then read output from a php file into SL variables?

Thanks for any help

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Brian Dennis

Storyline doesn't have a native method to exchange information with MySQL (or traditional database system). I have built solutions for clients that utilize custom javascript and web objects to accomplish two way communications between Storyline and external web data sources. I might suggest you consider an LMS or LRS system if you are looking to save and exchange student performance data.

If custom data, you might search these forums for ideas and samples on exchanging data with Google Sheets.

Andrew Lian

@Nicholas Soldatenko - thank you SO much. I have visited the cluelabs site and I am genuinely excited. I have been in the CALL field for a very long time and it takes a lot to excite me - but this has. I will follow up for sure and trial it in some experimental work.

I too would prefer to avoid Google Sheets.

Thanks again.

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