Saving and retrieving 'essay' question text in an LMS

Jul 15, 2015

Hi, I would really appreciate some suggestions.

I want to capture 'free' text user responses (maybe 500 words) in an SL2 'Essay' question slide and pass this to a 'Results' slide.

Then I want to save this text to an LMS, together with several other Survey question responses. I have read other threads and, depending on the LMS, this may be possible.

However, later, I want the user to be able to log back on and retrieve the text and Survey answers they gave at the earlier date. I know this could be done with a custom database and queries but can Storyline 2 do it and if so, how?

Could it perhaps be done without SCORM LMS exchanges but with custom code, e.g.: Javascript file saving and retrieval?


Many thanks, Tim Neill

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

As you mentioned, the LMS can likely capture this information as a default if you're using a standard question/survey type - and if you're using a data/text entry field you could use the method here. 

In regards to the user going back to it, are you looking for them to do so in a capacity in which they could edit it or just to see if again? Again depending on the LMS, they may be able to pull a report of what they already answered to see the information. If you'd like them to go back into the course and see if, you'll likely need to set the course to "resume" and then include a reference to their answers using a variable reference set up. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim, 

I'm not an expert on different LMSs and which ones have particular set ups - so I'd defer to the community in regards to that.

But, if they're opening the course again, and you've allowed them to resume, you could include a variable reference to allow them to see the essay text on a particular slide. Say assuming they'll close the course from the Results slide - you could look at including a button or similar there to jump to a slide where the Essay text is referenced following the steps here. 

Brian Allen

Tim, your question here is two fold: 1) Store the essay response in the LMS, and 2) Allow the user to see what their response was to the question.

To your question, and to Ashley's point, different LMS systems support varying levels of resume data, etc.

Your best bet will be to follow the steps in Ashley's first response to you, test it in your LMS, and see if it works in your LMS.  Additionally you could follow up with your LMS vendor but you'll find many times these types of questions are hard to get answers to; testing is usually the best route to go.

If you look at Ashley's first response, the first paragraph covers submitting your essay question to your LMS.  This works well, I've used it many times.

The second paragraph covers creating a variable reference to show your student the response they just submitted, and how to set up resume options so that your LMS (hopefully) stores the resume data.

Good luck!

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