Saving to local hard drive or the cloud?

Apr 28, 2020

I see in in training docs here that you stress saving onto one's local hard drive. Why not the cloud? The autosave feature would seem to assure that files are constantly backed up, and, should I have a problem with my computer I can still retrieve my saved file. Is there an issue I am not seeing here?



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Don!

Great question!

Why does Articulate recommend saving files locally rather than to a cloud?

  • Working on a network drive or an external USB drive can cause erratic behavior due to latency. For example, it could cause file corruption or prevent you from saving changes.
  • You can place a copy of your project on a network drive or a USB drive for backup purposes, but avoid reopening the file until you've moved it back to your local hard drive.

Please let me know if you have additional questions about saving files locally!

Walt Hamilton


Part of it might be that you are not saving a file, but a zip folder. Backup one of your .story files, then change the extension from .story to .zip, and you'll see a folder full of zipped files. So that may make the saving process much more vulnerable to lags and buffering issues.

On the other hand, I spent 4 years working with an organization that had a world-class IT plan and department, and I saved everything on a network drive without any loss ever. But I had good reason to do so. The things I needed to do made it worth the risks I knew I was taking, and I backed up everything twice a day locally. As far as saving to the cloud, it seems to me that that would be the most vulnerable external location possible, but who knows, you might be lucky.