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Brett Rockwood

Javier, you could possibly use the Zoom feature. It allows you to zoom in on a section of a slide; you can adjust the timing and when it appears on the timeline. However it zooms the slide, not just an object on the slide. So if you have other content on the slide, and it's within the zoom area it will get zoomed as well.

You can get around this sometimes by making objects really small in a pre-zoom state that zoom in to a normal size in the zoomed state. (For example, if you are zooming about 2X and wanted to add a call out to your blue triangle once it's been zoomed you could have the font size in your call out at 50% the normal size, e.g. if your standard call out is 12pt, make the zoomed one 6 pts. That way when you zoom it 100% it becomes visually closer to 12 pts.)  This will likely take a bit of experimentation to get it look right but it should work.

Hope this makes sense and helps.

As for moving an object using a motion path like in PowerPoint... that isn't possible in this version of SL.