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Oct 15, 2013


I'm building a slide in SL where users can drag an object (a plastic bottle) and drop it on another object (a scale). Essentially, the users are "weighing" the object. When my object is dropped on the target, it works beautifully (text on scale changes to different amount with a state). But, my problem is that I cannot seem to return my scale text to the normal (0.00) amount when my object is removed. I played around with the variables, but still can't get it to work. Basically, I need the state to change back to normal when the object is removed from the target, but that is not one of the build in options.

Any suggestions? I've included my file, if that helps.



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Steve Flowers

Hi Christie, 

You need another event to cause the object state to change again. See the attached example. I added another drag object . You could cue this visually by making it a platform or table. You could add a trigger to the dragged object to reset the display to normal when clicked. This is probably easier than adding the extra drag event.


Christie Nicholas

Thanks, Steve. Good suggestion. You also mentioned adding a trigger to the dragged object (bottle) to reset the display. What would this look like? The dragged object only has one state right now. So would I change the state of the scale text to reset when...? My problem seems to be the when. I tried setting it to when User clicks outside (of dropped area), but that doesn't seem to be working.

Pappu Sheth

Hi Christie,

I've figured it out. I created another trigger with the "Object Dragged Over" clause that I set up as follows:

I've attached the version with this trigger added. Also, as someone else suggested, you can create a larger drop area and set drop object (bottle) snap to the center. It looks a little neater.

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