Scene doesn't work in one module, but does in another

Feb 28, 2020

We have a sequence of slides where the learner enters a building and must access two areas (clicking a graphic) to learn their topic information. The informational slides are lightboxes.

When you enter the room, the character talks to you. After you've read the two topic informations, she should talk to you again.

But this is where the problem arises. We can't get her to say the next phrase.

We've tried to put her audio on a state both for her or the object they clicked. We've created two variables for each lightbox that is set to true when each of the lightboxes is closed out.

But the superodd thing is that when we uploaded just those slides to Team slides, and redownloaded them into a new module (so I could show you here), it now works!

We've gone back and compared both versions but they are the same.

This elearning course has other similar setup scenes and they work fine.

How can we get this character to say her second line after the learner views the two lightbox topics?

Attached is the working module since that's all we have. I can send the whole module privately, if needed.

Also, we imported these slides back into the original module but in a different scene, and they didn't function properly. So it appears to be something in the main elearning module, but we can't pinpoint where to diagnose.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Louisa,

Thanks for sharing those images, and great call to also open a support case. I see you provided my teammate, Renato, with some additional details. Feel free also to share a screen recording of what you see to provide extra detail and move the testing along. 

You're in excellent hands, and I'll also follow the case as it progresses!

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