Need Assistance Applying Variables/Triggers to a Lightbox

Jan 11, 2017

Chayuch (greetings)!


  • I have four lightboxes that's connected to clickable imgs on base layer of scene one.
  • The learner must visit each lightbox before moving to next layer.
  • If user attempts to move to next layer before visiting all clickable imgs/lightboxes, variables and triggers are in place to initiate another lightbox with a "Stop..Go Back" announcement.

One of the lightboxes also has several clickable imgs that the learner must visit before moving on to the next layer.

How do I force learner to visit info on a lightbox that has an exit control?


Thank you for all helps in advance,



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Thank you for taking the time to review my issue, Pierre,

However, this "helps" doesn't quite apply to my situation.

I don't want to remove the close symbol/btn on the lightbox. I simply do not want the learner to move forward without visiting all clickable imgs on the lightbox.

If learner exists the lightbox, he'll return to the base layer. There, he will attempt to go to the next slide. It is also here, where I want him to know that he did not visit all the clickable imgs on the lightbox and must go back.

Does that make sense?

Walt Hamilton

Try using just a jump to the lightboxed slide, instead of a lightbox.

Light boxes are really useful if you want to jump to a certain slide from several points in your project, and have the user close them and automatically be returned to go back to where they were. Otherwise, just use a jump to the content slide, and a jump back when finished.

That allows you to use all of the navigation options you want. As Pierre pointed out, not all of those options are available in a lightbox situation.



That's interesting. I'd have to play with that.

Meanwhile, I just completed copying the content from the lightbox to a layer and have applied the proper variable/triggers. I was just about to test it when I rec'vd your response.

I kept the original lightbot intact, so I'll be able to test your theory as well.

Will keep you updated.

Walt Hamilton

I think your layer approach may be a good idea, but maybe more work than you had to do. I may be too late to help you, but will post this for future reference. 

You don't need to copy things to a regular slide, because the lightbox is a not a special slide. it is a regular slide that is presented to the viewer differently. Change the trigger that shows it from "lightbox slide XXX" to "jump to slide XXX".

It is not a matter of using the lightbox in a way not intended. It is rather: if you lightbox a slide, this is what happens, and if that is what you want, use it that way. I have help slides that I show as a "regular" slide at the beginning, but as a lightbox later when the user clicks "Help".

Lightboxing a slide executes 3 main functions: 1. Dims current slide. 2. shows other slide in a smaller version above the current slide. 3. places an "X" on the lightboxed slide to close it and restore the current slide.  The main strength of  using a slide as a lightbox is that when you close it, it automatically returns the user to where they were. You could build a navigation button on the lightboxed slide to control whether the user has seen all the material, but as Pierre mentions, you cannot prevent the user from clicking the "X", and you cannot modify the trigger set that is built-in to it.  These things don't happen if you jump to that slide, only if you lightbox it.

So my original suggestion was change the trigger on the base slide from "lightbox" to "jump", and you have complete control over the navigation of the slide you have already built.




I think you are correct. The triggers just aren't working for me....or perhaps "I'm not working with the triggers". Yeah, I'm sure that's it.

My current issue is 3 of the four images point to lightboxes, whereas the 4 directs to a slide layer where a different set of variables/triggers applies. Most of it works find, but the lightbox that let's the user know that there's more info to view continues to call-up even after I've visited all the imgs.

I'm sure it's probably an easy fix. Perhaps, later, I'll pull the scene out and post as an attachment.

Thank you.



Thanks for your detailed explanation. That helped a great deal. I was looking at the lightbox as a foreign entity when its simply a normal slide displayed differently.

Therefore, I have executed the "helps" that you posted.

From there I tried applying variables/triggers to direct the user back to the original base layer when he click next. But, the 'Stop...Go Back' slide continues to popup.

I am attaching the scene for your assistance.


Walt Hamilton

I see two things.  On the safety Q&A slide, Safety_Questions needs to equal true, but there is no place in the module that sets it. It only appears in these two triggers as part of the conditions.




Also this trigger on the moderate intensity slide:



The jump will interrupt the execution of the trigger list and the variable will not be reset. I think this was previously a lightbox trigger. Lightboxing leaves you on the same slide, and this trigger order will function correctly, but with a jump it won't



Ok, so I.....

  1. set safety_questions to equal true (from the initial false setting)
  2. next, I deleted the ModRain trigger under tips btn (you were correct, it was from a previous lightbox setting)

Now, I was able to get back to the moderate intensity slide {yeah!!!!}.

However, when I click next from the moderate intensity slide, the "Go Back" lightbox appeared instead of advance foreword.


Walt Hamilton

I don't have time to look deeply right now, but try this:

Make sure all 5 variables are set to true someplace that the user visits. You can do that by creating a text box, clicking Insert, then choosing the variable. The text will look like this:%tipsbtn%, but when you preview it will show the actual contents of the variable. Make one for each of the 5 variables that need to be true to leave the moderate intensity slide, and check that all of them change to True.



Chayuch Walt,

You have been a great assistance. I appreciate the time you've spent providing part execution/part explanation...this has allowed me to understand by read-n-do.

Thanks to you, I've finally fixed the issue {see below}.

a. changed ModRain variable on the Moderate Intensity slide to True

b. removed all occurrences of the tipsbtn trigger, since I created Safety_Questions variable/triggers for the fourth img btn on Moderate Intensity


Have a great day!

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