Scene order when Storyline is published to Word

Dec 12, 2013


Please advise - I have just published my project to Word. The scene order as set up in Storyline is not as it should be when I open it in Word output.

(I set my 6th project scene to be the 3rd scene - have checked all triggers and links and also reset the Storyline menu in Player, the re-published. )


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stanton mackellar

Welcome to my pain. Unfortunately when you publish to Word, unlike when you publish to Web or LMS, the compiler ignores your logical story order or the order as shown in the menu. What it appears to follow is the scene number then slide number. As you cannot manually change these numbers directly, my guess is that these are their unique object IDs. The upshot is that this allows you to label them anything you want.

In this picture you can see that despite the logical order of my "story", the numbering of the scenes is retained in the order that they were originally created. Interestingly, the slides can be rearranged within a scene and will automatically update their numbers to reflect their new position. However, that position in the scene/story view may not actually reflect which slide a user will see when they press Next, as you can programm the next button (or any trigger) to hit the next slide or any other slide in your course.

This is a good thing and it actually makes sense, as you can imagine a situation where you have branching; the order may be variable and dependent upon the learner's selections. Therefor how would the Word publisher know what order is "correct".

That said you have the option of defining a specific order in the menu which may be a very helpful navigation aid for your learners, particularly if you have a long course with multiple modules, sub-units etc... And if the Word publishing gave you the option of following this schema... that would be nice.


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