Scene progress & Jump to slide according to scene progress

Oct 05, 2021

I have a project with 4 main scenes. The course allows navigation from one scene to the next, but I want to automatically navigate the user back to the last slide they were on for each scene. 


Example: User viewed 3 slides in scene 1, 0 slides on scene 2 and 5 slides on scene 3. If a user was on slide 5 of scene 5 and decided to pick back up in the course for scene 1 they would click on the navigation button bringing them to scene 1. 

For this example, I originally thought I could set the Scene.SlideNumber and the slide would change to that number (trigger: Set Scene.SlideNumber to variable Scene.SlidesViewed). But turns out the only way to change the current slide is using the Jump to trigger. 

The other option I could think of was to create a trigger that jumps to a certain slide in the scene based on the same Scene.SlidesViewed variable as the if condition. But that could mean a lot of triggers on the first slide of each of my scenes. I was just hoping there was an easier way. 

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Bridget O'Dell

Hi Breann, I think you could accomplish this by using variables, one for each scene. If your course has four scenes, create four text variables: Scene1, Scene2, Scene3, and Scene4. Set their default value as (blank).

When the user is in Scene 1, Slide 1, add an "adjust variable" trigger to set the value of the Scene1 variable = 1, Scene 1 Slide 2 set Scene1 variable = 2, and so on. 

Then, on your buttons that enable the user to return to a specific slide in a scene, you'll have multiple triggers - go to Scene 1 Slide 1 if Scene1 variable = 1, go to Scene 1 Slide 2 if Scene1 variable = 2, and so on.

So the variable value essentially acts like a bookmark for the user's progress.