scene slide shows up as a blank

Nov 23, 2021

Hi, I guess I don't understand the scene slide.  When I publish the Storyline presentation, the first slide is always blank and listed as an "untitled slide.  What can I do about this?  I want my presentation to start at my title slide.  

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Ellen,

 If there's a blank slide before your title slide, just delete it. 


  • Storyline starts each project at the first slide of the first scene. So that's where your title slide should be.
  • Storyline always opens a new project with a blank, untitled slide in scene 1. You can either edit that slide to turn it into your title slide, or add a new slide for your title, and delete the original.
  • Storyline will also include a blank, untitled slide whenever you add a new scene. Again, you can either edit it or delete it.