Scenes problem

Feb 13, 2013

This is very hard to explain but when I preview the entire project:

  • Scene 1 works fine
  • When I click on any question within Scene 2, it jumps to Scene 1 questions but the questions displaying are from the actual Scene 2; at this point it looks like you are in Scene 1.

I've attached a screen-cast for you to understand better.


I appreciate any help.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jonathan!

Thanks very much for the screencast. That is some strange behavior. By any chance, did you copy and paste the questions into the other scenes? I ask, because the "normal" slides with no questions seem to be functioning properly. If you did copy and past them, are you able to create a single question manually and see if the same thing happens?

If you didn't copy and paste the questions, can you confirm that the file you're looking at is a local file (on your C: drive) and not on a network drive, USB drive, or any other external source?

Adhir Anand

Hi Jhonattan,

Just a suggestion here..have you tried to reset the menu from the player properties? Sometimes, if you're copy pasting elements into a new scene, the menu will not get updated and will act pretty weirdly. Resetting the menu resolves this for me whenever I face any such problems, although your case does seem quite bizarre. Just a thought. Maybe you could share your story file and we can have a better look at it.

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