Score by Response in a Drag-and-Drop Interaction

Hello lovely E-Learning Heroes,

I've been working on a course in which learners are asked to fill in the blank (drag-and-drop) words from a word bank into their correct spot. I've built these slides by using the "Convert to Freeform" feature, which I'm fairly familiar with. 

It's set up so that each correct response is worth 10 points (numeric variable TotalCorrect). The Trigger goes something like this:

When: User clicks submit

Add: 10 to "TotalCorrect"

If State of: DragItem is = to "Drop Correct"

This ensures that if the learner drops DragItem1 onto the correct spot but then moves it to DragItem2's spot it will not count toward the correct responses (therefore not add 10 points). 

The adding of the points works, if I get 7 correct I will receive a final score of 70. However, the passing score is 80, so I would need to retake the quiz. This is where I'm running into problems. I have it set so that when a learners clicks the "Retry" button they will be brought back to the start of the quiz and the "TotalCorrect" variable will reset to zero. But the variable isn't resetting. This is where I need your help. If anyone has any suggestion I would greatly appreciate it. My file is attached.

Note: The bright red boxes are just for reference, the content has been changed for privacy, some of the logistics (showing correct/incorrect) has yet to be altered. 

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Carrie,

Thank you for reaching out! 

I reviewed your file and found what was causing the issue. You are on the right track and have everything in place! It looks like the culprit is the trigger order for the Retry button. This is causing the score not to reset properly: 

The reason for this is that since the TotalCorrect trigger is right after the Jump to Slide trigger, the score isn't resetting when the Retry Button is clicked. If you move the TotalCorrect trigger above the Jump to Slide trigger, the variable will reset when the retry button is clicked: 

After making that change, I previewed the course and found that the TotalCorrect variable is now resetting correctly.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this! We are happy to help.