Score result is not accurate while retaking quiz

Dear all,

Issue am facing: Score result is not accurate while retaking quiz.

I need to create an assessment based on below scope:

  • 3 Question groups and should be randomised
  • Failed attempt should allow User to retake the assessment
  • No repetitive Question groups on reattempt
  • Third failed attempt should allow user to retake the course
  • There's an animation at result screen based on User's score percentage
  • Pass score is 100%

Based on above specifications, I have created a Question bank only with 3 questions and picking one randomly. Each of these questions represent a group and from this first question, I am linking it to its respective Question group (Randomisation between 3 groups achieved).

All three groups lead to one common result screen. Based on the result, the retake assessment or retake course button appears.

While reattempt, using variable I am finding which group was randomly picked in the first attempt. Based on this, I am picking the next group in the order
(so, if first attempt is Group1, then the second attempt will be Group2 and so on). This is achieved by having separate question groups for reattempts.

All these are working fine but when you land up on the result screen on reattempts, the score result isn't correct. Even if you select all correct answers in the second attempt, the result is only 55.55%.

I tried various method but unable to fix it. For randomising the question group on first attempt, i have to keep them in question bank. Any help is much
appreciated. I have attached the source file with this.

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imgk hss

@Christie, I checked this in Scorm cloud. I get same skewed result on reattempts (even answering all correctly). 

I have only one result screen and have included all the question groups init. Is it correct? or is there any better way to do this?

My challenge is, I have to randomise 3 question groups, User might end up checking all three of them and result screen should capture the score of the last attempt...pls help