SCORM interaction recording sequence in Storyline 3

Apr 26, 2019


I have created a Storyline 3 course with the assessment in it (SCORM 1.2, Completed/Incomplete) and having unlimited attempts to pass the assessment.

When we tested the course on Rustici we are getting some strange results for SCORM interactions.

Scneario 1:

Taking the complete assessment thrice in one session would record the assessment interaction as follows for the first question:

First attempt




Second attempt




Third attempt




This is the expected result, but if I exit the course on the result page and then relaunch the course and Resume where I left of using Bookmark popup, when I took the assessment again, the record for the second attempt gets overwritten.

So, "Scene1_Slide27_MultiResponse_0_1" record getting overwritten instead of generating "Scene1_Slide27_MultiResponse_0_3".


Scenario 2:

I failed the assessment initially and then retake the assessment and while retaking the assessment I just attempted two questions and exit the course. Now, when I retake the course and Resume it by using Bookmark popup, attempted the remaining questions, I am getting the following results:

First session:




Scene1_Slide27_MultiResponse_0_1 (retaking the assessment)


Second session:

Scene1_Slide29_TrueFalse_0_0 (Ideally it should register as "Scene1_Slide29_TrueFalse_0_1").

Could you please let me know your view on it?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Author Five,

It sounds like what you're seeing is on an exit of the course, all the attempts are also being reset and allowing the learner to start over from 0 again. Since you have unlimited attempts on the question, it doesn't seem that you'd run into trouble with that piece. Are you hoping to track the total number of attempts that the user takes before answering correctly? 

Author 5

Hi Ashley,

Thank you very much for your response. If you look at the first Scenario, the attempts are not resetting to 0 but it will overwrite second attempt. So, "Scene1_Slide27_MultiResponse_0_1" will get overwritten and not "Scene1_Slide27_MultiResponse_0_0".

We are hoping to track all the attempts by the user, but due this glitch it is not possible currently. Is there any way I can contact the developer from Articulate so that I can discuss all the scenarios with them over a call?

Thanks again for your reply.

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