Scored Risk Assessment

I have been working on a Scored Risk Assessment to be completed as part of the end of course evaluation.  I have go so far but now find myself stuck...

The user will be given the data they need to complete the assessment tool in the form of a paragraph of text, they then need to answer each question and select the answer they feel is appropriate (each answer has a score associated with it) but there is no such thing as a 100% correct & incorrect answer - there will be several shades of grey which are also correct (if that makes sense).

I have attached the Storyline file to this post so you can see how I have got where I am.

Each possible answer is set with a Trigger to add the score to a Variable and this seems to work OK, however I do have a couple of tweaks that I am stuck with...

  • If a user selects option 1 (3 points) and then changes their mind & selects option 3 (1 point) both 3 and 1 are added to the variable - How do I limit only 1 option being added?
  • Once the user reaches the score screen, how can I allow them to go back and review the answers they selected and possibly give some further guidance on which score would have been best for the data given.
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Nicole Legault

Hi there Helen!

Thanks for posting your file and coming to the community for help!! There's quite a few different ways you can approach this. 

One way would be to...

  • Create a submit button on every slide where they make a selection (this way, instead of adding points to the final score variable when they click on a box, it only adds the appropriate points when they click the "Submit" button, which also brings them to the next slide. (To make this work, you'd need to hide the Next/Back buttons on the bottom of the player).  

  • To allow them to go back to review, you could add a "Feedback Layer" to each question slide, and create a Trigger that basically says "If they've seen the final results slide, when they return to this slide, show them the feedback layer". And you'd add a Next button on that Feedback Layer, so they could navigate forwards.

I've attached a .story file with a simple example showing you can achieve this functionality. I hope this helps you!! If you have any further questions please let me know =) 

Mike Enders


Question 1: I'd have the variable increment when the user clicks next.  So take those four triggers off of the text boxes and associate them with the next button by using a condition.  So your triggers would follow this pattern...

Add 0.00 to Risk when the user clicks the next button IF state of average is selected.

Add 1.00 to Risk when the user clicks the next button IF state of above average is selected.

and so on...

Jump to Next slide when user clicks next (this would be your final trigger)

This allows you to increment the variable at one discrete point in time without worrying about needing to reset the variable if the learner changes his or her mind.

You could do it by dynamically readjusting the variable when the learner changes their mind, but that would require a lot of triggers and evaluating what's already been prior to each click.  Doable, but a lot of extra coding.

Question 2:

Here's one possible solution.  

1. Add a Feedback layer on each of your question slides.  

2. Add a True False variable to your project (start it as False).

3. Add a "review" button on your final results slide.  Have this button adjust the variable to True and jump back to the first question slide.

4. On each question slide, have a trigger to show the review layer when timeline starts if the T/F variable is True.

Just some quick thoughts!


Helen Tarbox

Hi Nicole & Mike

Thank you both for your replys... I am pleased to say that I now have my assessment working

However I do have 1 more question...  What I want to do is to create several different scenarios each featuring a different patient and the assessment at the end of the course would be to complete 2 of these Risk Assessments.  I know that I have not used Questions banks or Quiz slides to create these screens, but is it possible to get Storyline to select 2 of the scenarios at random when i play the package?

Many thanks in advance.

Nicole Legault

Hi Helen =)

I'm really glad Mike and I were able to help you get the assessment working! Woohoo!

With regards to your second question, I was puzzling over how to do this myself, so I asked Articulate staffer David Anderson for his input on how he would do it, and of course I'm happy to report he has a nifty solution  

David's idea is to use a Pick Many freeform interaction, with the questions set to Shuffle. The questions in this case would really just be text boxes representing the various scenarios that are picked randomly. I've included an example of the published file here, and I've also attached the .story file so you can look more closely at exactly how it was accomplished. I hope this helps you achieve what you were looking to do! Good luck, Helen! =)