Scoring a ranked question

Aug 22, 2019

I'm looking to create a personality, self-assessment style quiz where users are given 4 statements and have to rank them from 1 (most like them) to 4 (least like them) and from this, give them a score to tell them which category they fit in to. 

Any ideas on the best way to do this, as I can't see a way to add a score to the ranking question type?


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Jerry Beaucaire

You would need to create your own variables to track these answers given outside the original question itself.  I am assuming you already know what the various rankings result in when put in various orders, yes?

There are only 24 possible combinations, at the end of the question, you would need to determine which of the 24 they have gotten and store a value (1-24?) in a variable that you can reference elsewhere.

On your other slides, you would be in control of the branching possibilities of what they see based on the code 1-24.

David Schwartz

Hi Louise, 

Got a question about your project: Are the users meant to rank each statement separately, that is they could say more than one of the statement is most like them, or is it a ranking where they order the four statements, that is, only one statement can be in each rank? 

If the former, I might have a decent solution.


Steven Chippendale

I needed accomplish the same thing, so I thought I'd share the end result.

In this survey, i have recreated the ranking drag and drop. This particular self-assessment is graded 4-Top to 1-bottom. If it required 1 to 4 like Louise's, it would have actually been slightly simpler to do. The questions and responses are all variables to make it easier to reuse.

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