Scoring Evaluations

We have created a .story that consists of a series of quizzes (11 in total) each stored within their own scene and containing their own quiz bank. Each set of questions in each quiz bank is scored separately within each scene and I'm tracking overall scores with a user-created variable. They must score at least 80% within each scene to pass each quiz and must score 80% (8 of 10 - the 11th isn't scored) to pass the quiz. I'm tracking their status for each set ofd questions and for their total score but am uncertain how to pass the result (pass/fail) to the LMS.

Is there a variable I can set before passing the final results back to the LMS that will indicate and report out pass/fail? I see a lot of variables created for each of the quiz banks but I'm not sure what the LMS is looking for to report pass/fail results.



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Michael Jernigan

This is exactly what I am looking for - yes, I am using the Results slide for each scene - but I'm unable to find it. I've checked the tutorials but what I'm seeing doesn't match what is on the videos or screenshots.

How do I navigate to the Results Slide Properties screen?

Thanks very much.