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HI all, could anyone adise me please?

I have a test which all users go to, but depending on their role,they follow slightly different streams through it.

At the end, they are scored depending on the stream they have taken, and I built three different results slides to show this, using the track selected questions route. I've realised though, that to report to an LMS, the results must be on a single slide.

If I choose track selected questions, and select everything, but a user goes doesn't answer them all because of the track they take, will they get an accurate result? Or can I build another results slide that will pull in the results of whichever track results slide they have taken, so that it can report correctly to the LMS?

Thanks in advance..

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Paul,

You've already mentioned this, but just for reference:

How to show multiple quiz scores on one result slide

What you could do is use the variables that are provided by each results slide and manually report those to the LMS. 

This would require yet another results slide, but may be an option:

Articulate Support - Reporting Storyline variables to an LMS

And yet another option would be to create the quizzes separately, publish them for the LMS and upload them to the LMS. You could then insert the quizzes as Web Objects. These quizzes would now report separately, and so would the main Storyline project. If you used this method, you could report using the "Number of slides viewed" option to know that the initial course was completed. 

There are some limitations for inserting the quizzes as Web Objects, but the benefit is that you'll be able to see exactly what was scored for the specific quiz that the learner created. 

I'm sure others will be able to provide some additional options for you. I just wanted to share these in case they were something that might work for you.

Best of luck with the project!


Paul Williams

Hi Christine,

Thanks for the response. I'm not sure if I am technically up to some of the options there, as I'm still a newbie on Storyline...

The multiple quiz scores Screenr's looked promising, but I would really like to have only one set of results, depending on which quiz they took... is it possible to domething along the lines of an Excel 'If' statement that says 'show set A of results variables if the user took stream 1, and show set B of results variables if the user took stream 2?

That way, the report sent to the LMS would match the stream they took, and score them appropriately.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Paul,

You can show pretty much anything you'd like on that slide. And yes, you'd be able to do something similar, but with variables and variable text. 

No worries on being new! Everyone is in the beginning, but Storyline's pretty awesome and you'll be surprised how quickly it is to master some of the features. 

Here are some tutorials to help you get started using variables, just in case you'd like to try this out:

Working with Variables - E-Learning Heroes

Adding Text Variables - E-Learning Heroes

How to personalize your course content - Articulate Storyline

And you're always welcome to ask questions! :)