SCORM 1.2 Course reporting Passed when User has failed

Jan 28, 2015

Our Storyline 2 course seems to be reporting passed when a user clicks try again.  Looking at the LMS logs, it appears the course initially correctly reports a non-passing score, but then the score appears to ratchet up until it is past 100% causing the LMS to read it as Passed.

Having been through this with previous Storyline versions, I tested the course in ScormCloud.  The same thing happens there, which should rule out our LMS. 

Here is the log from ScormCloud:

Take a look at 11:49:06.468 - it shows a score of 25 % at which point I click Try again.

In the span of the next 14 ms the score goes up to 100% and reports as passed. 

I'd rather not upload the course here, but can send it to whoever is interested. If there is a more appropriate place to file this, I can do that as well.

Thanks for the help. 

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Peter Zaidel

Do you by chance know when this problem started?  We've probably used Storyline 2 to publish 10 or so courses to our production systems.  I guess we'll review all of them to see if they contain question banks.  

Also as a side note, it may be helpful to have a place in these forums where the "known issues" show up.  That way when one does a search, they come up.  I can never find the "known issues" page on the main corporate site. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peter, 

All the support articles and knowledge base articles are here, and you'll see the known issues documented there. Using the main search on or the search on that page should get you what you need - but the search from E-Learning Heroes isn't connected. 

It was documented the end of 2014, but I'm not certain when it was initially noticed or what update users were on when the ran into it - but the issue still exists in update 4. 

Do you have your support case number? I can follow up there - and ensure that this thread gets associated with the existing report filed with our team so that we can provide you any updates here once their available. 

Peter Zaidel


The case number is 00455468.  Thank you for the link, but to sort of reinforce my point, the particular issue we're talking about does not appear in this "top issues" list. The search requires you to know the exact string of the title of the issue, key word searches don't work.  For example, I took the word "is" out of the title:


Is there a better way to find "known issues?"  E-Learning Heroes uses a much better search algorithm.   But we're getting off topic. :) Thanks for the help.

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