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May 16, 2018

I am making some courses with Articulate 3 to be imported into our D2L site. I know how to upload them. When I upload the first file as a SCORM file, it works great, but when I upload a 2nd SCORM file, it replaces the first one and so I have 2 of the same SCORM file in D2L. Any thoughts on how I can fix this issue and use multiple uploaded Articulate 3 courses in D2L?



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Crystal Horn

Hi Tiffany.  Check if the LMS identifiers are the same for those courses:

Did you possibly make a copy of the original course and then make some edits to the copy for a new version?  The identifiers will be the same in that case.  You can open a new project and import slides from the original project to make a new version.

If that's not it, let me know!

Tiffany Gordon

I did, and they figured it out. For other reference, this was their reply:

When you upload a SCORM package into a course using Import Components, the process places the SCORM files in the root folder by default. Since SCORM packages have the same file names, the files are overwritten in the second import process. In other words, the last SCORM package uploaded to the course overwrites the previous one.

To get around the issue, we can specify a folder to place each SCORM package in the Manage Files tool. When uploading the file via Import Components, there's an option to create a folder in the Manage Files tool. By placing the SCORM object in it's own folder, it'll prevent it from overriding the other SCORM objects in the course.

For your convenience, I have completed the process below for the Diversity of Care Needs, package. You should be able to see the associated folder and content module/topic in your course. For reference, I have outlined the steps you can take for additional SCORM objects

1. In the course navbar, click Course Admin.
2. Click the Import / Export / Copy Componentstool link.
3. Select the Import Components radio button ('from a course package' selection), and then click Start.
4. In the Import Course Package window, clickUpload.
5. Upload the SCORM zipped file to the window.
6. Click the Advanced Options button.
Note: Don't click Import All Components, since it will skip important steps in our process.
7. After the package is read, click Continue.
8. On the next screen, select the Select All Components checkbox to select the Content items.
9. Important: Under the Advanced Options, enter aname for the folder to store the SCORM object in the Manage Files tool. By placing the SCORM object in it's own folder, it'll prevent it from overriding the other SCORM objects in the course.
10. Click Continue to move to the next screen.
11. On the next screen, click Continue.
12. On Step 5, click Continue to finish the import.
13. On the last screen, click Done to navigate to the Content tool to see the course.

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